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Last updated on 2022-01-15.`),mdx(\"h3\",null,\"1. General\"),mdx(\"p\",null,`We hold the privacy of your personal information in the highest regard, and we\ndo not collect or process any information about you that is not necessary for\nthe operation of the service. This privacy policy contains information about\nwhat personal information we collect, how we process it, and what rights and\nopportunities you have over your information.`),mdx(\"p\",null,`The Apilytics service processes personal information about you in\naccordance with this privacy policy and applicable law, so we ask that you read\nthis privacy policy carefully. When you use our services, our website or\ncontact us, your personal data is processed in accordance with this privacy\npolicy.`),mdx(\"h3\",null,\"2. For what purpose is my personal data collected and processed?\"),mdx(\"p\",null,`We collect, store and process personal information about you only for\npre-defined purposes. Uses include:`),mdx(\"ul\",null,mdx(\"li\",{parentName:\"ul\"},\"Fulfillment of legal obligations and requirements\"),mdx(\"li\",{parentName:\"ul\"},\"Ensuring the security of the service\"),mdx(\"li\",{parentName:\"ul\"},\"Customer communication and answering contact requests\"),mdx(\"li\",{parentName:\"ul\"},\"Improving the usability of the service, e.g. showing personalized content\"),mdx(\"li\",{parentName:\"ul\"},\"Prevention of abuse and harassment\")),mdx(\"h3\",null,\"3. What personal information about me is collected and from what sources?\"),mdx(\"p\",null,`We collect personal information about you directly from you or your device when\nyou use our service or contact us.`),mdx(\"p\",null,`When you sign up we collect your email address. When you use the service, we\ncollect the data for your origins and all metrics that the origins send to\nApilytics through one of our open-source integration packages that you have\ninstalled. The origin data includes the name that you have provided for your\norigin. The metrics data includes HTTP methods, paths, status codes, request\ntimes, and package version information. The integration must be installed\nmanually by you, and you are responsible that you possess the necessary rights\nfor the data that is sent through the integration code to the Apilytics\nservice. We also collect your email address when you join our mailing list. You\ncan unsubscribe and delete that email info from us, by opening the unsubscribe\nlink from any email that you have received.`),mdx(\"p\",null,`The above information must be provided in order for us to provide the service\nto you. You are not legally obligated to provide the information, but in that\ncase you will not be able to use our services.`),mdx(\"p\",null,`In addition, some basic request information (e.g. IP-addresses, access times,\nand user agents) might be collected by us or our hosting provider.`),mdx(\"p\",null,`We also use third party analytics tools to collect visitor data from the\nApilytics website so that we can improve it. The data collected by them\ncontains aggregate information from for example the number of visitors and the\nnumber of page views, and none of it can be connected to any individual users.`),mdx(\"h3\",null,\"4. On what basis is personal data processed?\"),mdx(\"p\",null,`We make sure that we always have a legal basis for processing your personal\ninformation. We process your personal information to provide our service to\nyou, improve our service and to manage the customer relationship between us and\nyou as the user of our service. The legal basis for such processing is the\nperformance of our mutual agreement (art. 6 1. b of the GDPR).`),mdx(\"h3\",null,\"5. Who processes my data and is it passed on to third parties?\"),mdx(\"p\",null,`Your personal data is processed by persons belonging to our staff\nin the performance of their duties. In this case, we take care, among other\nthings, by agreements that the confidentiality of your information is\nmaintained, and that the information is processed in a lawful manner.`),mdx(\"p\",null,`We may disclose your information to our contractual partners and/or\nsubcontractors when it is necessary in order to provide our service. These\npartners include our hosting providers (`,mdx(\"a\",r({parentName:\"p\"},{href:\"https://vercel.com\"}),\"Vercel\"),`,\n`,mdx(\"a\",r({parentName:\"p\"},{href:\"https://aws.amazon.com\"}),\"AWS\"),`) and email service\n(`,mdx(\"a\",r({parentName:\"p\"},{href:\"https://www.namecheap.com\"}),\"Namecheap\"),`). In these situations, we will take the\nnecessary steps to protect your information, e.g. by signing appropriate data\nprocessing agreements with the processors.`),mdx(\"p\",null,`We may also disclose your information to third parties or relevant authorities\nwhen required by law or by a competent authority, and to relevant third parties\nin connection of a planned share or business acquisition or sale.`),mdx(\"h3\",null,\"6. Will my data be disclosed outside the EU?\"),mdx(\"p\",null,`Your data won't generally be transferred or processed outside the EU/EEA. However, there are\nsituations where our partner or subcontractor used for providing the service, either resides or\nneeds to transfer information outside the EU/EEA. These partners or subcontractors may process\npersonal data when providing, for example, IT- or hosting services. In these cases, sufficient data\nprotection is ensured by using approved transfer mechanisms, such as signing EU Commission\\u2019s\nstandard contractual clauses in connection with the transfer.`),mdx(\"h3\",null,\"7. How long will my personal information be kept?\"),mdx(\"p\",null,\"We will automatically delete your data after two years of inactivity.\"),mdx(\"h3\",null,\"8. How is my information stored and protected?\"),mdx(\"p\",null,`Your information is stored on servers of the service providers described in\nsection 5. The servers are protected in accordance with general industry\npractices and modern standards. The data and disclosing or transfer of the data\nis handled in accordance with sections 5 and 6 of this privacy policy.`),mdx(\"h3\",null,\"9. What are cookies used for in the application?\"),mdx(\"p\",null,`We use cookies in the application to provide the best possible user experience.\nCookies are short text files that a web server stores on the user\\u2019s device.\nCookies allow us to authenticate you and to identify you between different\nvisits. We also use cookies to improve security.`),mdx(\"p\",null,\"We don't use cookies provided by third parties.\"),mdx(\"h3\",null,\"10. What are my data protection rights?\"),mdx(\"p\",null,mdx(\"strong\",{parentName:\"p\"},\"The right to access\"),` \\u2013 You have the right to request what information of\nyours we are processing and copies of your data.`),mdx(\"p\",null,mdx(\"strong\",{parentName:\"p\"},\"The right to rectification\"),` \\u2013 You have the right to request that we correct\nor update any information you believe is inaccurate. You also have the right to\nrequest us to complete any information you believe is incomplete.`),mdx(\"p\",null,mdx(\"strong\",{parentName:\"p\"},\"The right to erasure\"),` \\u2013 You have the right to request that we erase your\npersonal data. Please note, that you are not able to use the service once your\npersonal data is deleted from our systems.`),mdx(\"p\",null,mdx(\"strong\",{parentName:\"p\"},\"The right to restrict processing\"),` \\u2013 You have the right to request that we\nrestrict the processing of your data, in practice this might mean that we\ndelete it. Using this right may mean that you are no longer able to use the\nservice.`),mdx(\"p\",null,mdx(\"strong\",{parentName:\"p\"},\"The right to object to processing\"),` \\u2013 You have the right to object to\nprocessing of your personal data, in practice this might mean that we delete\nit. Using this right may mean that you are no longer able to use the service.`),mdx(\"p\",null,mdx(\"strong\",{parentName:\"p\"},\"The right to data portability\"),` \\u2013 You have the right to request that we\ntransfer the data that we have collected to another organization, or directly\nto you, under certain conditions.`),mdx(\"p\",null,mdx(\"strong\",{parentName:\"p\"},\"The right to make a complaint to relevant authorities\"),` \\u2013 You have the right\nto make a complaint to the data protection authorities of the member state\nwhere you permanently reside or where the alleged non-compliance with the GDPR\nhas happened. In Finland the relevant data protection authority is the Office\nof the Data Protection Ombudsman\n(`,mdx(\"a\",r({parentName:\"p\"},{href:\"https://www.tietosuoja.fi\"}),\"www.tietosuoja.fi\"),\").\"),mdx(\"h3\",null,\"11. How can I exercise my rights?\"),mdx(\"p\",null,`You can exercise your rights described above by emailing us at\n`,mdx(\"a\",r({parentName:\"p\"},{href:\"mailto:hello@apilytics.io\"}),\"hello@apilytics.io\"),\".\"),mdx(\"p\",null,`To generally access your basic data in the application, log in and open your\naccount profile. Directly from there, you can view, edit, and most of your\ndata.`),mdx(\"h3\",null,\"12. Can this privacy policy be updated?\"),mdx(\"p\",null,`We may make updates to this privacy policy as our operations or privacy\npolicies change. Updates may also become topical as legislation changes. The\nchanges will take effect once we have published the updated privacy policy. If\nwe make changes to the intents of this privacy policy, we will send an email\nabout the changes to all of our users.`),mdx(\"h3\",null,\"13. Who can I contact about data protection issues?\"),mdx(\"p\",null,mdx(\"a\",r({parentName:\"p\"},{href:\"mailto:hello@apilytics.io\"}),\"hello@apilytics.io\")))}MDXContent.isMDXComponent=!0;\n","scope":{}}},"__N_SSG":true}