Error monitoring with Apilytics

Markus Blomqvist · January 31, 2022

So far we have been focusing on making Apilytics a tool for monitoring performance and operational health. But what about error-monitoring? That's something that has been on our Roadmap for a while and finally we had the time to roll it out.

Apilytics now also helps you to spot problems in your applications by showing you the trends in terms of errors, just like what you are already seeing with our historical representation of your API requests.

Errors time frame

In addition the new area chart you can also get detailed information, such as the error rate of any given moment in the time frame by hovering over the area chart. You can also specify the time frame the same way as you would in the historical representation of all of your API requests, allowing you to easy spot the peak hours when it comes to your API errors.

Note that this feature (like all the other features at the time of writing this) is still in beta and we are working hard to improve it as much as we can by improving the representation of the errors, as well as adding visualization of tracebacks and other information that might help you to focus on building, not monitoring your error rates.

As you can see, Apilytics is no longer a tool for only monitoring performance and operational health. It now also keeps you on track when it comes to error-monitoring.

We hope this new feature will bring value to you. If you're interested in what other cool stuff we are up to in the future, you can check out public roadmap and even present your own feature requests to us.

Apilytics team ✌️

Markus Blomqvist · January 31, 2022

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