Monitoring dynamic API routes

Markus Blomqvist · January 27, 2022

When it comes to monitoring endpoint specific data from your applications, your data can easily become noisy as the amount of your endpoints gets bigger. This is no longer the case with Apilytics as we are rolling out our support for dynamic API routes!

The dynamic routes allow you to define the patterns that your dynamic URLs are using and our dashboard then visualizes all of your matching routes as a single endpoint based on that.

Dynamic API routes

Our configured dynamic routes will then show in the dashboard like this:


Now all requests directed to e.g. /blogs/123, /blogs/456, /users/johndoe and /users/janedoe will be included in the shown endpoints in our visualization. The dynamic routes are also 100% backwards-compatible and your existing data can be combined into dynamic routes as you wish. You can also later modify or delete the dynamic routes to split up of your data again to individual endpoints if you will.

That's it! Hope this will help you with monitoring dynamic routes.

With 💙 from Apilytics team

Markus Blomqvist · January 27, 2022

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