For consultants 🚀

Apilytics is ideal product for software consultants and freelancers that want to monitor multiple production environments in one go with minimal configuration.


Unlimited applications

As an Apilytics user you have the freedom to add as many applications as you want, all included in the same pricing. With Apilytics, you don't have to pay more based on the amount of applications you want to monitor. Everything is covered there and your price is calculated only based on the amount of requests that go through you application and are included in your metrics reporting.

Invite team members and customers

Would you like to easily give your colleagues or perhaps your customers access to view or manage your application metrics? Apilytics is designed to be a flexible solution for this. You can invite unlimited amount of users to collaborate on your dashboard. You can define the permissions yourself, giving you the flexibility to delegate the management of your application metrics to your team.

Metrics split by applications

Are you using a shared infrastructure for your applications by e.g. running a Kubernetes cluster? No problem! With our zero-configuration setup your metrics will be automatically tied to specific applications, allowing you to easily see how your applications are performing.

No domain expertise needed

Are you worried about not having the expertise or the right staff to take care of your monitoring? Apilytics is built for developers with a mindset that no-one should have hard time understanding their metrics. When you choose us, there's no maintainance, no complex configuration and no domain expertise needed. Check out our live demo to learn more!

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Ease of use

API monitoring doesn't have to be hard. Unfortunately with the most tools out there, that is the case though. Apilytics is here to fix that. Our 5-minute installation is one of the corner stones why you should pick Apilytics.


Apilytics middlewares are super lightweight, fast and they will cause no performance impact on your APIs whatsoever.


Our privacy-friendly approach lets you be in control of your data, making Apilytics a great fit for anyone aware of their privacy. Our open source middlewares allow you to see exactly what data leaves your servers.

Open source

We want to be transparent on how we process the data of our users. This is why we have open sourced 100% of our client middleware code, keeping our users updated on what data from their API is processed.

For startups

Apilytics is the optimal monitoring solution for startups. With us, you can focus on your business and not on your monitoring infrastructure.

For consultants

Apilytics is ideal for software consultants and freelancers that want to monitor multiple production environments in one go with minimal configuration.