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The application monitoring that Apilytics can do for you covers any kind of clients, including web applications, CLI tools and mobile applications. This is why choosing Apilytics is a viable solution to track your mobile app users.

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Track mobile app users separately

Using Apilytics, you can track your mobile app users separately from your web application users. Our dashaboard let's you see which type of clients are consuming your APIs. By using the user agent filters we provide in our dashaboard, you can easily see stats from your mobile app users.


Combine metrics with other data

By tracking your API instead of embedding various web analytics tools in your client applications that the majority of your users are blocking, you will have combined data accross all of the sources. This allows you to easily compare e.g. metrics from your website users with your mobile app users.

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Ease of use

API monitoring doesn't have to be hard. Unfortunately with the most tools out there, that is the case though. Apilytics is here to fix that. Our 5-minute installation is one of the corner stones why you should pick Apilytics.


Apilytics middlewares are super lightweight, fast and they will cause no performance impact on your APIs whatsoever.


Our privacy-friendly approach lets you be in control of your data, making Apilytics a great fit for anyone aware of their privacy. Our open source middlewares allow you to see exactly what data leaves your servers.

Open source

We want to be transparent on how we process the data of our users. This is why we have open sourced 100% of our client middleware code, keeping our users updated on what data from their API is processed.